Icbar for PocketPC Themes/Skins
Longhorn Theme by Theo
Oceano Zodiac by dre@mprince AmigaOS4 Yellow by dre@mprince
OSX by GSibble AmigaOS4 Gray by dre@mprince
XP Project by Ed Neal Various Battery/Memory meters
How to create/modifiy skinnable meters.
XP Blue by Theo XP Silver by Theo
XP LightBlue by farnold WhiteSquare by ooosadface
More XP Blue by farnold More XP Silver by farnold
Transformers by DAG OSX by farnold
Neon Glow XP Blue by DAG
The Green Man XP by J Halsey
MX by P Hoquet Scuderia by JM Biadatti
Icbar PPC2K2 Theme Smartcard Theme by Juni
PPC2K2 Theme by Korneel PPC2K2 Theme XP Silver Theme by Kristian XP Silver
PPC2K2 Theme by Prelector PPC2K2 Theme XP Theme by Chairman Clench XP Theme
Volume icons
Connection Icons