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  1. How do I install Icbar?
    • Exit Icbar if it is already running.
    • Download the .CAB file you require (language,pocessor) to your PC.
    • Copy .CAB file to your PDA using your file explorer.
    • Execute the .CAB file via the file explorer 'on your PDA'.
    • Icbar will install itself and automatically remove the .CAB file.
  2. How do I uninstall lcbar?
    • If you have Icbar set to launch on startup, uncheck 'Enable Icbar on Startup' via Icbar Menu -> Settings -> Display Tab -> Icbar.
    • Uninstall Icbar via Startmenu-> Settings -> System Tab -> Remove Programs
  3. I have already uninstalled Icbar, but get an error on reset. How do I prevent this?
    • This is probably because you haven't disabled 'Enable Icbar on Startup'
      Do one of the following:
      1. Re-install Icbar, follow FAQ #2
      2. Remove the file \windows\startup\WIS Bar.lnk
  4. How do I enable a Connection or Notification icon?
    • At the time of writing Icbar [ Beta2] does not have a dedicated connection/notification icons, but has functions that will act in a similar way.
    • Enable Custom Button 1
    • Assign 'Notification (PPC 2002)' as the execution option.
    • Uncheck 'Use Standard Graphic' and browse for a suitable connection icon graphic.
    • This function will normally provide access to any Notification icon on the standard bar. However, when both notification and connection buttons exist on the standard bar, this function provides access to the connection icon instead. Also, a button configured in this way will not disappear when there is no notification or connection. This is a tempary solution until full working Notification and Connection icons are implemented.
  5. Some files in the Browse Graphic window have representative icons next to them and some not. How are they determined?
    • The Browse Graphic function looks for the following words, in order, within the individual filenames:
    • Icon -> filename substring
    • Volume -> vol, mute
    • Today -> today, home
    • Close -> close
    • Ok -> ok
    • Menu -> menu
    • Logo -> logo, start
    • Background -> background, bg (soon: bkgrd)
    • Connection -> conn
    • Battery/Memory -> battmem, system (soon: batt, mem, meter)
    • Notification -> notif
  6. The Icbar icons (ok, close, today etc) don't function as expected. e.g. Today might call volume. Ok might call lcbar Menu. How do I fix it?
    • This is can occur after changing from another WISbar variation or sometimes an earlier version of Icbar. The easiest way to fix this is to remove the Registry entry
    • then restart Icbar.
    • Doing this will reset all Icbar (and WISbar) settings.
  7. How do I apply a skin to Icbar?
    • Dowload your required skin file
    • Unzip you skin file onto your desktop PC
    • Copy the individual .bmp files to you PDA, any directory.
    • For each button/background:
    • Uncheck the 'Use Standard Graphic', or check 'Use External Graphic'
    • Browse [...] for the .bmp required
  8. How do I create a skin for Icbar?
  9. Why don't the Icbar Menu and Start Menu stay open?
    • You probably have Pocket Plus running, but have not disabled its 'Close' option.